Preseason and the resurfacing of Pitch 2

Preseason and the resurfacing of Pitch 2

By Callum Pink
13th August
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The 2019-20 season is almost among us...

Swansea University are relaying Pitch 2 this summer, with work starting on 19th August and due to last a minimum of 6 weeks. The new pitch can be viewed here, Domo Fastplay. During this time, we will be down to using one pitch for training and the following training schedule is in place.

Ladies 1s training starts on Tuesday 13th August.

  • Tuesday @ WIS, Cardiff 6:30-8pm
  • Thursday @ Swansea 7-8:30pm

Men's 1s and Mens Club preseason starts on Wednesday 14th August.
  • Wednesday 14th August 7-8:30pm
  • Wednesday 21st August 7-8:30pm
  • Wednesday 28th August 7-8:30pm

Club Training Times from 2nd September until Pitch 2 reopens (Date TBC)


TeamTrainingStart DateTrainingStart Dates
W1Tue Cardiff 6.30-813/08/2019Thu 7-8.3015/08/2019
W2Mon (BUCS) 6-8TBCThu 7-8.30TBC
W3Tue 7-8.3003/09/2019..
W4Mon (BUCS) 6-823/09/2019Fri 6-727/09/2019
W5Tue 7-8:3003/09/2019..
W6Tue 8.30-1024/09/2019Fri 6-727/09/2019
W7Tue 8.30-1024/09/2019..
M1Mon 8-1002/09/2019Thu 8.30-1005/09/2019
M2Thu 8.30-1005/09/2019..
M3Mon (BUCS) 8-1002/09/2019Fri 7-820/09/2019
M4Fri 7-820/09/2019..
M5Tue (BUCS) 8.30-1017/09/2019..
M6Wed 7-811/09/2019..
M7Tue (BUCS) 8.30-1017/09/2019..


Age GroupTrainingStart Date
U7sWed 6-711/09/2019
U9sWed 6-711/09/2019
U11 BoysWed 6-711/09/2019
U11 GirlsWed 7-811/09/2019
U13 BoydWed 7-811/09/2019
U13 GirlsThu 6-712/09/2019
U15 BoysWed 7-811/09/2019
U15 GirlsThu 6-712/09/2019
AcademyWed 6-711/09/2019

If you are unsure on this changed schedule please contact your captain/coach.

Training Times for the season when Pitch 2 is reopened, Date TBC.


W1Tue 6.30-8WIS, CardiffThu 7-8.30ATP 2..
W2Mon (BUCS) 6-8ATP 2Thu 7-8.30ATP 2..
W3Tue 7-8.30ATP 2....
W4Mon (BUCS) 6-8ATP 2Fri 6-7ATP 2..
W5Thu 7-8.30ATP 1....
W6Tue (BUCS) 8.30-10ATP 1Fri 6-7ATP 2..
W7Tue (BUCS) 7.30-9ATP 1Thu 7-8.30ATP 1..
M1Mon (BUCS) 8-10ATP 2Tue 8.30-10ATP 2Thu 8.30-10ATP 2
M2Thu 8.30-10ATP 2....
M3Mon (BUCS) 8-10ATP 2Fri 7-8ATP 2..
M4Fri 7-8ATP 2....
M5Tue (BUCS) 7-8.30ATP 2....
M6Wed 7-8ATP 2....
M7 Tue (BUCS) 7.30-9ATP 1....


U7sWed 6-7ATP 1
U9sWed 6-7ATP 1
U11 BoysWed 6-7ATP 1
U11 GirlsWed 7-8ATP 1
U13 BoydWed 7-8ATP 1
U13 GirlsThu 6-7ATP 1 & 2
U15 BoysWed 7-8ATP 2
U15 GirlsThu 6-7ATP 1 & 2
AcademyWed 6-7ATP 2

If you are unsure which sessions you should attending please contact your captain/coach.

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